Seniors are people who are still growing, still learning...

Prairie Valley Lodge Summerland, BC

The importance of Culture Change

Although our North American culture does not always celebrate old age, we at Prairie Valley Lodge – a residential care facility in Summerland, BC – are part of a Culture Change that holds promise for the future by recognizing that the elderly person is still a vital human being.

The Live Oak Institute in Berkeley California defines a senior as "a person who is still growing, still a learner, still with potential and his/ her life continues to have within it promise for a connection to the future." We embrace this philosophy and at Prairie Valley Lodge we promote the concept of Culture Change. This is a movement towards transforming Long Term Senior Care to provide more Person Centered Care and accordingly more quality of life. For more on this - please see Our Household Model of Care on the Our History page.

Chet - at the Prairie Valley Lodge - senior care home

"You had me at the door"

When Laurie was looking to move her 96 year old father Chet to the Okanagan from Winnipeg, she had a number of criteria that needed to be met for her to have peace of mind about the senior care facility where her father would be living. Read Laurie's story - it is a lovely account of why she says; "You had me at the door..."

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Film on life at Prairie Valley Lodge

September 21, 2017 - The film is the story of Frank (played by Roark Critchlow), who is trying to find a new home for his somewhat cantankerous dad (Francis Sr. played by local actor Jamie Eberle).

Finding the right place for an aging parent can be a difficult and worrisome task, but while the story does not minimize the strain aging can have on a parent/child relationship, it does track the journey with a deft touch. There is clearly love between the two and a genuine desire on the part of Frank to get Francis the best care possible, despite dad's reluctance to change.

He finds the Prairie Valley Lodge and is captured by it's charm, personal touch and non-institutional approach. When he does manage to bring his dad to the facility, Francis is also beguiled... though still a bit crusty. Funny, honest, at times touching and definitely positive, the movie mirrors the unique approach of the lodge itself.

Cast: Roark Critchlow and Jamie Eberle
Video + editing: Stephanie Seaton of Storyboard Video Productions

A glimpse of life at the Prairie Valley Lodge


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