A purpose-built lodge

Prairie Valley Lodge was purpose-built in 1997 to all standards and regulations required by Interior Health Authority. Over the past two years the facility has been extensively renovated, using recycled and low-emission material where possible; for example zero VOC paint and our new non-slip floating floor system.

A further feature of our facility is heated flooring where the bathrooms are tiled. The health, safety and comfort of our residents is important to us at Prairie Valley Lodge.

Our knowledgeable and professional staff provide 24 hour nursing care, intensive support, supervision, safety and companionship to our residents. Each private room enjoys a spacious 2-piece en-suite. The home has 2 large main bathrooms and all amenities are wheelchair accessible.


Our staff are key to our success

We are a close knit team who share a sense of humor, and enjoy each other’s company. The owners are part of this team, and can be found most days in the facility. Family is important to us and we work hard to provide a positive work environment. One where the staff enjoy coming to work and their families feel comfortable to stop by and say “hello” to everyone. Familiar, friendly faces are important for the well-being of the residents. Training and skill acquisition is important, and we ensure that our skills and knowledge are updated and upgraded constantly. Every staff member must meet or exceed Interior Health’s Licensing Criteria.

Medical support is provided in the facility by LPN’s or RN’s and the residents' GP, who assist in the planning and implementation of each residents' individual plan of care. This includes details regarding all activities of daily living, all social and recreational requirements, and discharge planning when necessary.

Daily purpose - helps alleviate depression in seniors

Every day we have something meaningful to look forward to. Sometimes we volunteer in our community, delivering Meals on Wheels, or folding flyers for charity.

Often we take an assisted walk around our neighborhood, where we get to admire the beautiful yards and meet our neighbors. We have sing-a-longs, and live music weekly. We have themed meals, and English cream teas. We celebrate events and birthdays in a big way. We get together and bake cookies, (they don’t last long). And we have weekly access to lunches, coffee outings, ice-cream trips, the Farmers Market and drives through the orchards and vineyards.

The Giants Head Elementary School and the South Okanagan Montessori School are located right opposite us, and we always enjoy their special visits and entertainment. These, along with countless other activities help to keep us engaged socially and as a result residents live more meaningful lives.

Prairie Valley Lodge Values

Our Values

Our values aid us in our day to day choices by providing us with direction in creating an atmosphere of vitality and a positive environment where everyone, and most importantly, our seniors can thrive. These are some of our fundamental values:

  • Promote independence and participation
  • Foster open communication resulting in a consultative environment
  • Team work focused on honesty and integrity upon which trust is built
  • Ideal stewardship
  • Managed care leading to self fulfillment
  • Assist individuals in maintaining a sense of dignity

The Prairie Valley Lodge mandate as defined by our philosophies and principles

  • Provide a warm home-like environment for those who can no longer care for themselves.
  • Support and enhance the potential of each resident, thus encouraging each resident to effectively use his/her remaining skills and abilities
  • Respect for each unique individual and their family as well as friends, caregivers, service providers, professionals and community
  • Work in partnership with families and the community
  • Maintain the dignity of each unique individual and their family
  • Recognize that Prairie Valley Lodge’s “most valuable resource” is its’ staff

Universal Needs of the Elderly

  • Health, safety, and security
  • Choice, flexibility and individuality
  • Privacy and dignity
  • Self-care, independence and control
  • Strategically stimulating care
  • Reduced boredom, isolation and loneliness
  • Sense of community and belonging
  • Access to support services and information
  • A healing environment
  • Barrier-free accessibility
  • Home-like environment
  • Familiar, friendly faces