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pets are welcome to visit at Prairie Valley Lodge


  • Do you have respite care? Yes, we provide respite and convalescence. Please call us for more details.
  • How many single rooms do you have? We have 9 single rooms in our facility.
  • Are suites available for married couples? Yes. Please call us for more details.
  • Does each room have it’s own bathroom? Yes, each room has a 2-piece bathroom en-suite.
  • Do all rooms have a telephone hookup? Yes.
  • Do all rooms have a cable hook-up? Yes.
  • May I bring my own furniture? Yes. We encourage you to bring your own small pieces of familiar furniture for your room.
  • Are there sprinkler systems in place? Yes, and we are regularly inspected by the fire department.
  • Is housekeeping and laundry included in the monthly fee? Yes.
  • Is there air-conditioning? The house is fully air-conditioned for your comfort.
  • Are there pets in the home? Pets are welcome to visit.
  • May I drink alcohol? Yes. We keep our residents alcohol in our medication room fridge. We require a doctor’s letter stating that it is safe for you to be served alcohol, to avoid any medical complications.
  • May I smoke in my room? We are a non-smoking facility. Arrangements can be made to smoke in a covered area outside.
  • Do I need to move to a different facility if I become ill? No. We are licensed to care for our residents until the end of their lifetime.
  • Is there a resident’s committee?  We schedule an annual resident/family council meeting. We also schedule regular social activities for our residents and their families. We encourage feedback from our residents and families on an ongoing basis. Communication is key to providing a happy and safe home environment.