Chet - senior living at the Prairie Valley Lodge

"You had me at the door"


The following is a conversation with Laurie, the daughter of Chet who is 96 years old and has been living at the Prairie Valley Lodge for 6 months.

"Well to start with, there were 176 residents at the last place where he was living. It was such a pleasure to move him. He had really gotten lost in the crowd. I wanted somewhere that was more intimate, I wanted him to feel validated - this can be a problem for older people. In a big facility, they lose sight of the people themselves.

When I called, Lisa answered the phone. She was wonderful. When I came to visit the lodge, I walked through the front door and instead of it smelling clinical like so many of the other places I visited, there was a lovely smell of cookies baking which is why I say that literally they had me at the door.

When we moved Dad to Prairie Valley Lodge from Winnipeg, everyone was waiting for him - it was really lovely to see. At that time he was 119 pounds. Since then, he has gained 25 pounds! Every morning Austin makes him his own personal bacon and eggs. He just loves it.

Sometimes Dad is a little bit off-kilter so it’s really comforting to know that he is getting the best care possible, here. If I can’t get here to see him everyday, I know he is just fine because he’s in such good hands. If I have any needs I know they will be met. We’re often asked “Can I get you anything?” It’s never in a phony way, it's always sincere.

We are very grateful that Dad’s transition from the place in Winnipeg was really easy. Lisa and Amy, the caregivers have just been wonderful to Dad. The other thing that is such a relief, is that the food is so great! This is why Dad has gained so much weight. If I had to rate the last place, I’d say it was a 3 out of 10. I often brought him food because of the concern he wasn’t eating well.

I did visit other homes in the Okanagan; that really helped with the transition because Prairie Valley was just so much better. In the last place Dad got out twice. That hasn’t been an issue here. Change and dementia is so hard and it’s especially hard for them to get to know new people. Dad was saying how grateful he was to be here. It was a huge relief to hear him say that.

The key things for me in choosing Prairie Valley Lodge:

  • Smell. It smelled so lovely the moment I entered the lodge.
  • Residents themselves. Everyone was so friendly. Rosa, the wonderful 102 year old gal was happy, everyone was happy!
  • The staff. They are all wonderful and caring people. Whether a person is 10 or 89, everyone deserves to have their dignity and to feel that they matter. Here that is definitely the case.
  • Flowers. There are always fresh flowers in the lodge. I am grateful for that.

Prairie Valley has become my extended home. And you wouldn’t be able to feel that, without the wonderful staff that they have at this lodge."


Honoured to recommend Prairie Valley Lodge

March 12, 2015

I am pleased and honoured to recommend, both personally and professionally Lisa and Andy Burt of Prairie Valley Lodge of Summerland.

On a personal note, my mother, Mary “May" Fabbi became a resident of Prairie Valley Lodge in January 2008 after having numerous falls and generally being unable to care for herself. With her declining health and at that stage of her life, I quite frankly gave her six months to live.

With the care and compassion provided at Prairie Valley Lodge, my mother died peacefully 7+ years later! It truly is amazing that individual care, as well as delivery of medications at an appropriate time, and three balanced meals daily can extend one's life. Near the end of our mothers life, the compassion by Lisa and staff allowed our mother to die peacefully in her "home". For that we are truly grateful.

As a former owner of Summerland Medicine Centre Pharmacy, we were proud to be selected to provide Pharmacy Services to Prairie Valley Lodge. We provided weekly blister pack medications to each resident as well as doing a semi-annual audit to review their medication delivery and check for appropriate use of over-the-counter medications. I always found the facility to be neat and very well organized. Documentation was always in order. It was a pleasure to work with such an organized facility.

Allan Fabbi B. Sc. (Pharm)


Homelike atmosphere

March 13, 2015

To whom it may concern,

I understand that Prairie Valley Lodge in Summerland is applying to look after a Developmentally Delayed Adult at their facility. My father, Clarence O'Brien, was a resident there until his passing in March of 2014.

The reason we, his family, chose Prairie Valley for his last days was because he needed full care, but we wanted him to be in a homelike atmosphere. Prairie Valley, being a family-run small facility, fitted his needs and our wishes well. He had good care in a lovely, clean, homey place. I certainly would recommend them to others.


Carol Wooley

Utmost care received

March 10, 2015

To whom it may concern

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Prairie Valley Lodge, located in Summerland BC. My elderly father was a resident at the facility for six weeks in 2014.

During my father's residency, he received the utmost care and attention by all of the staff team.

The small facility was conducive to Dad's needs. He received the social element of company from both the team and the other residents. It also provided a sense of "home". The highest standards of personal care, hygiene and nutrition are also upheld at Prairie Valley Lodge.

Prairie Valley Lodge is facilitated by an experienced family, including the patriarch, who personally attended to the residents needs in tandem with the other professional staff. The team catered to Dad's every whim. Dad had a myriad of health issues to which the team was extremely professional and knowledgeable in addressing, while working closely with medical staff and family.

The open door policy was welcoming, as well as the activities that the team planned for the residents. All in all, a positive experience at Prairie Valley Lodge.

In summary, the team was conscientious, and showed an excellent fund of knowledge and willingness to go above and beyond, demonstrating a commitment to continuity in caring for the residents, ensuring health and happiness.

I highly recommend Prairie Valley Lodge to anyone in need of residential care.

Alison Phillips