Roark Critchlow and Jamie Eberle in the short film Life at Prairie Valley Lodge

Video Gallery of life at Prairie Valley Lodge

Our videos that started off with the Roark Critchlow (aka Dr. Mike Horton on Days of Our Lives) and Jamie Eberle film – about placing a loved one in a care home, all have a common thread – one that shows what life can be like in the right kind of care facility.

At Prairie Valley Lodge the emphasis is on relationships, humour, love and care of the person. This enchanting environment is designed to engage residents and give them a purpose and reason to live. (Read about our Household Model of Care for more information on our mandate and approach).

Below is our gallery of videos of various special events as well as daily life at Prairie Valley Lodge.

We Love You Jeanie!

"Introducing Jean. Jean has lived at Prairie Valley Lodge for the past five years. She retired to Summerland from Saskatchewan to enjoy our warmer climate. Jean loves her family, her church and her pastor. Jean is a ray of sunshine in our home, providing us with daily advice and common sense and much laughter.”

Music: Ian and Sylvia Tyson (Four Strong Winds)

Randall the Barber

Randall the Barber was a frequent guest at Prairie Valley Lodge, as he cut hair for the male residents of the care home. Like many of the staff and visitors at Prairie Valley Lodge, Randall had a hidden talent - in his case it was playing guitar and singing. Here is Randall entertaining the residents after a hair trimming session.

Time to Move On…

Unfortunately for the residents and staff, soon after we filmed this little video, Randall moved to Calgary to be closer to his family thus wasn’t able to come back to play again for the residents. Ah well, life is like that, but we will find more talent to entertain everyone as that is one of the things we cherish most; the smiles, the clapping in appreciation, moments that are touching and uplifting.

Halloween 2018

The first video and gallery is from Halloween when we were visited by many kids and adults who delighted the residents at Prairie Valley Lodge.

Christmas 2018

Our new Christmas video is a celebration of the Christmas season. We love this time of year and the residents really enjoy the visits from musicians, entertainers and the many visitors who drop by at Christmas. For a taste of the Christmas spirit at Prairie Valley Lodge see our new video above.

Sax Among Friends

A special Christmas open house event - Sax Among Friends played for a full house at Prairie Valley Lodge. With lots of family in attendance we all enjoyed the music, the company, the wine and cheese. It's curious how a space can contract or expand to hold the people in it... on these darkening winter afternoons there is a pleasure and a feeling of good fortune in coming together here. 

The hustle and bustle of a home filled with music and laughter and kindness is reminiscent of a big family at home for the holidays. There is a generosity of spirit that makes us all feel welcome and cared for.

A big thank you to Sax Among Friends for sharing their time. A big thank you also to the sons and daughters who came to visit today... you are the circle that extends beyond this door. Here's to the expanding space that can hold a warmth and care for all of us. 

Cowboy Poet also makes a fine Grinch

Grant Stone is one of a handful of cowboy poets in BC and luckily for the residents of Prairie Valley Lodge, he performs mostly in Summerland. Grant who was voted Citizen/ Volunteer of the Year in 2017 has been delighting people with his collection of cowboy poetry and stories for children and adults for more than 20 years.

According to an article written by Carla McLeod for the Summerland Review Grant’s storytelling began when he would drive people from the Okanagan to Reno, Nevada on a tour bus. Later when he got a job driving the HandyDart bus in Summerland, his stories became the stuff of legends.

This fellow is a gem and in late December he treated us to a retelling of "The Grinch". We clearly weren't ready for it to be over so he added Part the Grinch met his dog Max!

We'll keep you posted as to when Grant will be back again.

Lively trio of entertainers from Mexico

Our seniors love it when we bring in entertaining musicians or comedians so we set out to offer an eclectic mix of entertainment… which means there is little time to be bored.

One late autumn afternoon a trio of talented musicians from Mexico came to Prairie Valley Lodge to play for the residents. This lively gang really got toes tapping with their vibrant music.