The way to a seniors heart is through their stomach

The way to a seniors heart is through their stomach. Truth.

Good food, lovingly prepared, and carefully presented, (combined with conscientious, nurturing care, and attention to detail) is the gateway to a seniors heart. 

A new resident arrived 6 months ago from a larger local facility. She was fearful, she didn’t smile often and she had not been interested in food for many months. Today, this lady has blossomed into a loving and cheerful sweetheart, who we delight in making smile. We know that her nutrition has played a significant part in her new found happiness as her eyes light up when meals are served to her and this is the time when she will communicate the most with those around her.

We serve our food in a comfortable and peaceful environment. Our dining tables are set up appropriately and attractively for each meal. No tricky-to-open packets of crackers, or sachets of condiments or cartons of juice will be found on our dining table during meal times. Meal times are never rushed affairs. All of our meals are served in a dignified and gentle family style format appropriate for each individual resident. A resident may take as long as necessary to eat their meal, and assistance is always at hand. Dietary restrictions and modifications are respected diligently and food texture is modified according to individual dietary requirements. 

One meal which brings back fond memories for many people, is Roast Beef which is not complete of course without traditional Yorkshire Pudding. And yes the Yorkshire Pudding is home made as well. Topped off with a delicious beef-au-jus, our meals are part of what makes each of us so proud to be on the Prairie Valley Lodge team.