Andys Animal Acres

Andy's Animal Acres from Naramata have been visiting us on our patio.

In April we had three very young lambs visit. 

This month Susie Q and Rascal, two orphaned kid goats came for a visit. Rascal was exactly that. He was determined to get into the house, eat all the plants and young vegetables and managed to climb into one of the residents' walker basket.

Dewey also came along for the visit. Dewey is a Guinea Pig. He was twice the age of most other Guinea Pigs so he was very special. He enjoyed sitting on the residents laps and basking in their attention and the warm sunshine. He was quite content to be hand fed a large carrot and some water.

Andy's Animal Acres contacted us shortly after this visit to let us know that Dewey had passed on. We were very grateful that we had got to enjoy Dewey's company the week before, and we appreciate Andy's time and effort bringing these little critters to visit with us. 

Andy does a fantastic job looking after her animals. She is very knowledgeable and informative and we learn a lot when she visits. We highly recommend a visit to her farm in Naramata to meet the animals and see the work she does.

And of course lunch at one of the local wineries afterwards is a must.


Gone riding. Be back whenever.

Never regret anything that makes you smile.   

Never regret anything that makes you smile.


Mothers Day is always a big day at Prairie Valley Lodge.

We always considered that we did a bang up job on the Mothers Day celebrations.

But this year Lois had other idea’s, and she rocked Mothers Day like no other.

It was a sunny and warm day with a stiff breeze.

Lois geared up in her shades, a leather jacket, pink scarf and helmet and hopped on the back of her son Geoff’s, Harley Davidson Motorcycle for a Mothers Day ride around Summerland.

We were all so impressed.

This Biker Mom cannot stop talking about her Mothers Day Harley ride.

We think her smile says it all. 

Ultraman Canada 2014

Each year, after dinner, on the BC Holiday Monday we sit outside on our patio, in the warm evening sunshine and cheer home the Ultraman Canada competitors. Ultraman Canada is a 3 day, 514.5 km, individual endurance event. When the athletes are passing Prairie Valley Lodge they have completed a 10 km swim from Skaha Beach to Okanagan Falls, a 420 km bike ride from Skaha Marina to Princeton Arena, and are in the last km of a 84.3 km run from Princeton to the finish line at Memorial Park in Summerland. Volunteers man the route every few hundred metres and ensure the safety of the competitors. It is both uplifting and emotional to watch these athletes make their way to the finish line and each year we do our best to hoot and holler encouragement.