Support dementia society

Raise your coffee cup in support of the Alzheimer Society in BC

On Tuesday October 14 at 10am we will be hosting a coffee morning in support of those who suffer dementia, and to raise awareness for the Alzheimer Society of B.C.  Local candidates for council will be dropping by to introduce themselves and chat to our residents. Some of our seniors are still very much engaged in the community, and intend to participate in the Municipal Elections.

Our own vision for Summerland is to become a dementia friendly community. One where our seniors feel safe and supported, and where the very best quality of life can be attained. We believe it is possible, and that this beautiful family-friendly town already has a head start with our fantastic local amenities and caring culture of the citizens.

If you are in Summerland on Tuesday we hope to see you for coffee.

For more information on dementia-friendly communities see the Alzheimer Society of BC's page on this topic.